Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) - A gentle but powerful therapy


Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is an accredited, complementary therapy focusing on enhancing the body's lymphatic system naturally.

It is recognised medically as an important component in the treatment and maintenance of primary and secondary  lymphoedema.
Non-medically it is profoundly relaxing and therapeutic.
What does it do?

Stimulates the flow of lymphatic fluid
Cleanses connective tissue
Promotes healthy body tissue.
Enhances the immune system
Balances the nervous system
Relieves fluid congestion 

What does this mean?

The tissue beneath the skin (subcutaneous tissue) is softened
Tissue healing is enhanced
Swelling caused by fluid retention is improved.

  Some conditions that MLD may be applied to:
Swollen Ankles
Swollen legs
Swollen hands/arms
Primary/Secondary Lymphoedema
Fluid Retention
Pre Menstrual Tension (PMT) 
Pre/Post Operative - to aid healing - relieve swelling
Venous oedema
Chronic Fatigue
Post Operative Cosmetic Surgery (In particular Vasa liposuction)
Multiple sclerosis
Whether you need specialist attention for lymphoedema, or relief of fluid retention or just need to de-stress, relax, detoxify, or decongest?
Why not discover  if  MLD could help you!

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